An Open Model for Leading a Creative Life

the model

The framework for leading a creative life. Designed to create a setup that will enable you to realize your creative potential and apply it to any domain and in any context.

98% of children are highly creative when they are five-years-old. By the age of 20, only 2% of the population is ranked as highly creative.

You were born creative with The Creativity Operating System already part of you. With awareness, mindfulness, and simple practice, you can reignite your Creativity and apply it to everything you do.

The Creativity Operating System is a model for leading a creative life and unleashing your creative potential.

workshops and mentoring

Unleash your Creativity with our workshops and mentoring sessions. Learn how to utilize The Creativity Operating System and maximize personal and collective Creativity. Find the best way to apply the Core Practices in your personal or organizational setup.

Fully remote. Fully customizable to your goals.

The Book

Learn how your brain is designed to be creative and how you can unleash your creative potential. The comprehensive guide to the Creativity OS, packed with insights, examples, and life-changing tips.

the tools

Explore our collection of creativity-enabling tools, designed on top of The Creativity Operating System.

Use them to master your Creativity daily.

open evolution

Evolution is an essential part of Creativity. In that spirit, the c.os model is open for evolution under a Creative Commons license.

Lead a Creative Life

If we wish to increase the chances of coming up with creative insights when needed, we must continuously utilize The Creativity Operating System. A constant creative mindset means we are always experiencing, observing, wondering, imagining, and fusing ideas. We always collect ingredients and play with them.

To be creative means to lead a creative life.

Creativity for Everyone

Creativity can enhance everything we do. There is no such thing as non-creative professions or activities. Whether you are a photographer, an author, an accountant, a software development manager, a soundman, a physician, or a police officer, Creativity can be an essential part of your toolbox.

Creativity is the secret ingredient that can spice up any task and any engagement with others and turn it into an opportunity. Anything we do can become more impactful when we realize our creative potential.

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