Creativity is all about growth. From a new thought to a tangible creation, creativity introduces something that didn’t exist before, and that’s the exact definition of growth. And growth requires space.

Nothing can grow without space, and creative ideas are no different. Space is essential to igniting and utilizing our creativity. So today, we explore three spaces that can help you come up with more creative ideas more often.

Space to Experiment

Nothing new will ever be created without walking on uncharted territories. Creativity is all about exploring the unknown. That’s the definition of experimentation.

But creativity requires more than just the courage to experiment. You must allow yourself to experiment for the sake of experimentation. When we experiment just to achieve a goal, we can easily miss opportunities and discoveries we weren’t expecting.

Treat experimentation like a game. Enjoy it regardless of its results. When you return from your exploration, you will carry new raw materials for creative ideas.

Space to be Surprised

Experimentation is essential, but it is often planned. No less important is making room for truly unexpected experiences. When we are surprised, we are more alert. We notice more, and our minds create new connections. These connections are the pathways for new ideas to emerge.

The problem is we live in a world that makes it hard to be surprised. When we go to see a movie, we know what it is about before even buying a ticket. When we buy a book, we read the back cover and the reviews. When we go out to eat, we can’t resist the temptation to read the menu online and maybe even browse some photos of the various dishes.

Making space for surprises means creating opportunities to walk into something without knowing what to expect. Is it a risk? Maybe. But what’s the worse that could happen? Even if the experience is less ideal than a pre-planned one, it has an added value you cannot get in any other way: not knowing what happens next. It is the surprise itself that becomes the experience, and with it, everything else is intensified.

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Space to Wonder

When was the last time you stopped and took some time to wonder at what you see and sense? Wonder is blending curiosity and awe. It doesn’t take something grand or extraordinary to trigger it. We all have the capacity to wonder at the most trivial things — we just need to be mindful of it and create the space for it.

Wonder is impossible when we are 100% goal-driven and rush through what we do and experience just to achieve something. Wonder is also not possible when we give more attention to smartphones than anything else. Slowing down and keeping distractions away can create the space required to wonder more. And when we manage to create this space, we can rediscover magic everywhere we look.

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The 3X CREATIVITY Newsletter

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