Three Creative Things to Do While Commuting

We spend quite a lot of time commuting. Whether you use public transportation or drive a car, commute time is often perceived as a waste of time. Sure, we can listen to music or make a phone call, but for the most part, we are passive and not doing something meaningful.

Let’s consider three ideas for turning commute time into a creative fun time. Remember that if you are in the driver’s seat, your priority is to focus on driving.

Argue with a Podcast

Listening to a podcast while commuting is not a new idea. I love the podcasts I follow; they make my commuting time effective as I learn new things. But listening to a podcast can often become a passive experience, and when that happens, we fail to make the best of this wonderful resource.

Pick a podcast and play it as you commute. Listen carefully, and when you hear an argument or an idea you haven’t heard before, pause it. Think of the idea and try to challenge it. Be fair and try to argue for both sides. Have this debate in your head, or (if you are not driving) write it down.

The point is not necessarily to reach “the right” conclusion but to practice our ability to change perspective and think critically.

Pause an AudioBook

If you prefer audiobooks to podcasts, and fiction is your favorite genre, there’s obviously no point in arguing with them. But fiction is an excellent opportunity to expand your imagination.

As you listen to your audiobook, pause it and imagine how to story progresses. Don’t try to guess. Just let your imagination wander in the world created by the author and play with the characters.

Imagine Other People’s Story

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This last one is easier to do when using public transportation, but it is also possible from the driver’s seat.

Pick a random person. Imagine their story. Who are they? Where are they heading? What have they done earlier today? What are they feeling, and what are they hoping for?

If you can observe that person for several minutes, you will probably notice details that intrigue and ignite your imagination. But even if you can just catch a glimpse of them, they can leave an impression.

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