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vision and mission

Creativity can help anyone define and achieve their goals. Creativity can change the world.

Our mission is to inspire people to realize their creative potential by leading a creative life and applying Creativity in everything they do.

you are creative

We are all born creative. As children, we intuitively apply our creative skills. However, as we grow up, many of us lead a less creative life. Our mind is still programmed to be creative, but most of us do not realize this potential due to the lack of proper setup, mindset, and practice.

Leading a creative life is essential now more than ever before. Creativity can enhance everything we do in our professional, personal, and community lives. Our creative skills can literally become game-changers.

The Creativity Operating System is a model designed to inspire you to lead a creative life and unleash your Creativity. Using the model as your guide, you can turn Creativity into a natural part of your life again.

The c.os model

The c,os model includes seven Core Functions the skills that make us all creative.

Experience, Observe, Wonder, Fuse, Imagine, Play, and Evolve are already an inherent part of your brain’s design. Like your physical muscles, they are meant to be used, so all you have to do is get back in shape and maintain your creative fitness. Like your muscles, as they become stronger and more flexible, there are more things you can do with them. Your Core Creativity Functions are designed to be applied to any domain and in any context in your life.

To master your Core Creativity Functions, the c.os model defines a set of Core Practices. The Practices are designed as Creativity-enabling habits. The more practices you adopt and the greater the place they have in your life, the more impactful they become. As more Practices turn into habits, your Creativity Operating System becomes stronger.

Some Practices overlap to a certain degree with others, but no two Practices are identical. Even in cases where the overlap is apparent, each Practice highlights a different aspect and adds a different dimension to the inherent feedback loops in the model.

Each Core Practice balances an actionable approach with an open-ended definition. Using the examples that accompany the Practices, you can start experimenting with each of them immediately. However, they become truly effective when you find your own interpretation for each Practice — the most effective way to make it an inherent part of your life.

The c.os model is not an instruction book — it is an open framework. Experimenting, finding out how to apply it to your life, and then evolving it even further are all essential parts of your creative journey.

domain-level guides (coming soon)

The Core c.os model is universal. The Core Functions and Practices apply to any context and domain, from the most personal to highly professional. As they are open-ended, you can decide how to apply them to different aspects of your life.

To help you get started with adapting the Practices to different domains, we add Domain-Level Guides to the c.os model. Domain-Level Guides offer a more concrete interpretation of each Core Practice, designed for a specific domain. Although their context is a specialized domain, they are still open-ended and leave enough room for experimenting and choosing your own path toward implementing the model.

applying the model

The c.os model includes dozens of practices. Their power is in their integration: the more you utilize all Functions by adopting the Core Practices and turning them into habits, the more impactful the creative setup you create is.

Having said that, you can’t adopt all Practices overnight. To be effective and become meaningful creative habits, you have to practice them mindfully and acknowledge their impact.

planning your journey

To help you gradually integrate the Core Practices in your life until they become seamless habits, we have defined a proposed implementation path. Like the model itself, it is open for your interpretation while giving you a framework to plan your journey.

the collective edge

Your creative journey is ultimately personal. Each of us has our own way to master and apply Creativity using the c.os model. But taking this journey with others has a powerful impact. A Collective is a way to harness the power of a group for the individual journeys of its members.

the book

The book The Creativity Operating System by Lidor Wyssocky is an in-depth exploration of the c.os model, including dozens of examples and numerous insights on what makes us creatives and how to lead a creative life. It provides a great way to become familiar with your Core Creativity Functions as part of your creative journey.

about lidor wyssocky

My name is Lidor Wyssocky. If I have to come up with a title for my passion, it would be Enabling Creativity.

Everything I’ve done in my professional and personal life was driven by the desire to inspire people to see the world differently. This vision drives me in my art, creating seempli, developing the c.os model, and helping individuals and teams ignite their creativity.

Sometimes this goal takes the form of telling a specific story. At other times, it takes the form of providing people with tools to help them find and tell their own stories. Either way, nothing makes me more excited than seeing that spark in the eyes of people who realize they have seen something or thought of something other people didn’t. It’s like inviting people to my secret universe and sharing it with them. And once you’re in, it becomes your own.

Visit LidorWyssocky.com for more of my work.

extending the model

Creativity is universal. While all human beings are born creative, the journey of learning what makes us creative and how to realize our potential is ongoing. This is why we decided to open the c.os model and encourage its evolution by the community.

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