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Look Back

Looking back is a way to reconnect to the value you aim to create as well as to the value you already delivered.

Local Paradise

Global mindset change is expensive, far from being trivial, and can create quite a push-back. But you can invert this challenge and develop local and organic islands of change with significantly fewer resources and amazingly greater impact.

The Need for a Language

Language is a powerful tool for reflection and driving change, especially when it comes to abstract, non-tangible concepts. Concepts like Creativity.

Remote Creativity

How can we promote unstructured and unplanned communication that will enable unexpected Fusions in a remote setup?

Make Innovation a FACT

If you wish your organization to be more innovative, you need to make innovation more than just a buzzword. You need to turn it into a (acronym warning) FACT!

Reflection: Creating Yourself

You are your first and most important creation. You are the designer of your creative journey, and although the road is often unexpected, it is always you who decides what would be the next step.

The Future of Work

Creativity plays a significant role in your professional future, whatever your profession is. You already have what it takes. You just need to get back in shape.

Tomatoes and Creativity

Whether it is a reflection and imagining time, working on a concrete task, or just taking some time off to wander aimlessly, The Pomodoro Technique improves not just productivity but mainly Creativity.

On Creativity and Trust

Letting go requires multiple levels of trust. And if letting go is essential to Creativity, trust becomes a basic requirement in any creative setup.

Square One?

If you came across this site, there’s a good chance you are looking for ways to be more creative. Well, you are in the right place. But we’ll get to that. First, I would like you to know that even if you believe you are not creative (like many people do), you are not at square one.

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