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If there is a list of the worst opening sentences for a book, this would probably rank somewhere in the top ten:

You already know everything in this book.

…or at least you did know it, probably without even being conscious of it. You already know (or knew) how you can be more creative. There is a 98% chance you once were more creative, just as you are designed to be. Chances are you applied everything I am about to describe, at least as a kid. And if you can’t remember that but you just happen to have small children of your own, you probably see everything we will discuss every day. Everything you will read here next will feel very familiar because it is an integral part of how all humans are designed.

So why bother writing (and for that matter reading) something so trivial that everyone knows it already? First, because although we know or once knew how to be creative intuitively, as adults, most people believe they are not creative, and that Creativity is a gift saved for just a handful of people. We need this reminder of what we are capable of doing creatively and how easy it is to regain these abilities. And while the ideas we will discuss are not new, I didn’t find a simple, coherent model that could describe what makes us creative in the broadest sense possible — a model that can help us understand how to regain and master our Creativity.

Are you ready to rediscover your Creativity?

The book The Creativity OS is a work in progress. I decided to make it available even as a draft as it evolves because I believe in its value, but even more important, I believe in the value of your feedback. I’d love to hear your thoughts and insights.

Lidor Wyssocky

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