Ruth Eilon

“The workshop exposed us to the importance of applying our creativity in everything we do. Lidor has led all participants to the destination, combining research, knowledge, and practical methods to bring our creative skills to the front. We are going to apply the practices and tools we got familiar with in our day-to-day work and …

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Racheli Shaked

“We wished to take some time off, do something together, and learn something new. We definitely achieved that! The topic is super-relevant. The theoretical background was excellent, and the games we played together were wonderful and gave us a lot to think about later. We even decided to continue to play with seempli as a …

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Naama Tsafrir

“The workshop was awesome! Lidor is a great instructor, leading the group step by step to discover our creativity, and how focus on a specific topic impacts the bigger picture. It was pure fun!!! Highly recommended.” Naama Tsafrir,Head of Israel BU, NCR Retail

Alexandra Horowitz

“What a fantastic idea! I love it. I’m often asked how to get started seeing in a new way if one does not have an “expert” along for the walk. I generally propose that, first, people could walk with anyone who is willing to tell them “what they see”, and find something new; second, that …

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Erik Schumb

“What an easy and meaningful stimulation for any ideation workshop for product-/service-design!  If you want to stimulate your own or your team´s creativity and develop one of the most important leadership qualities in the 21st century, you’ve come to the right place.” Erik Schumb, Founder and CXO of Agile Sprints

Michelle Koren

“Tried it in our company, recommended! Lidor has the talent to help increasing creativity in a friendly way, and without investing extra effort or time. Didn’t think it is possible before I was introduced to seempli. Thumbs up.“ Michelle Koren, Head of SDN applications and Network Management, ECI Telecom

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