version overview

The first release of the core c.os model.

core functions

Experience, Observe, Wonder, Imagine, Fuse, Play, Evolve

added Practices

c.os.evolve.01 Affect the Operating System and Let It Affect You
c.os.evolve.02 Proactively Enhance Feedback Loops
c.os.evolve.03 Form Collective Feedback Loops
c.os.evolve.04 Set Fuzzy Goals
c.os.experience.01 Record and Reflect
c.os.experience.02 Plan Deliberate Experiences
c.os.experience.03 Develop Open-Ended Habits
c.os.experience.04 Promote Accidental Experiences
c.os.experience.05 Celebrate Anomalies
c.os.experience.06 Take Detours — Get Lost
c.os.fuse.01 Create Space for Fusions
c.os.fuse.02 Add Randomness to the Mix
c.os.fuse.03 Open Up Interfaces
c.os.fuse.04 Use All Observation Aspects to Think in Metaphors
c.os.imagine.01 Pause to Imagine
c.os.imagine.02 Break the Boundaries of Reality
c.os.imagine.04 Embody Your Vision
c.os.imagine.05 Imagine the Journey
c.os.observe.01 Reduce Masking Distractions
c.os.observe.02 Don't Dismiss Anything
c.os.observe.03 Slow Down
c.os.observe.04 Zoom In — Zoom Out
c.os.observe.05 Change Perspective
c.os.observe.06 Play with Abstractions
c.os.observe.07 Apply Different Filters
c.os.observe.08 Explore Negative Spaces
c.os.observe.09 Apply Holistic Observation
c.os.play.01 Have a Sense of Freedom — Find Personal Value
c.os.play.02 Value the Journey
c.os.play.03 Reshape the Rules
c.os.play.04 Keep Moving Between Reality and Imagination
c.os.play.05 Be Active, Alert, but Unstressed
c.os.wonder.01 Marvel — Find Magic in Everything
c.os.wonder.02 Think in Questions
c.os.wonder.03 Delay Finding the Answer
c.os.wonder.04 Challenge Assumptions — Break Boundaries
c.os.wonder.05 Embrace the Unknown — Expected the Unexpected

modified Practices

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