the collective

Turning Creativity into a way of life is a journey. Taking this journey together with colleagues, friends, or family is not only easier — it can often lead you to surprising places to which you wouldn’t have arrived alone.

The Collective is your way to share your creative journey with others, get their support, and support them back. It is a way to create an ongoing conversation about Creativity using the c.os model as a language and a framework for continuous evolution.

Forming a Collective? Start with reading the brief essential guides and join our Collective Network to get personal support in your Collective journey.

the essential guides

the essential tools

reflection cues

Sets of open questions and topics you can use for effective reflection during your Collective journey

plan your path

Your journey is personal, but this is the path we propose for gradually mastering your Creativity Operating System

model explorer

A complete, easy to navigate index of the c.os model, including the Core Functions and Practices

reflection and journey planning tool

A comprehensive miro template to help you reflect on your journey and plan the steps ahead (create a free miro account and duplicate the template to use it)

join the c.os collective network

c.os model updates, tips and insights, and email-based support and guidance for your Collective journey

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