What is a Collective?

A Collective is a self-managed group of people helping each other to shape their creative journey. A Collective aims to provide ongoing support and motivation throughout the journey by creating a platform for sharing ideas and insights that can take its members to unexpected, surprising places.

Your creative journey is personal. You should find your own path toward mastering your Creativity Operating System. The c.os model is deliberately generic and abstract because we believe its most effective implementation is based on your own interpretation — how you decide to take each Function and Practice to its next level.

At the same time, it is often easier and more effective to find your own personal way with the help of others. That is the essence of a Collective. When you share your insights, challenges, and dilemmas, it is easier for you to reflect on them. You are more likely to become aware of other ways to see them and get surprising ideas on moving forward. No less important, when you listen to insights, challenges, and dilemmas of others, you can come up with ideas not only affecting their journey but also your own.

A Collective is a place of evolution and growth that enables its members to shape their journey toward realizing their creative potential in a way they are less likely to imagine by themselves.

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