reflection cues

Mastering your Creativity, developing your Core Functions, and turning the Core Practices into seamless habits is a journey. And like any journey, it can immensely benefit from ongoing reflection along the path.

The c.os Reflection Cues are open questions and topics you can use at any time during your journey. You can use them alone or with a Collective. Find a place without distractions, pick a Cue, and spend at least 30 minutes thinking about the reflective questions it presents. Don’t rush into answering them. Allow yourself to Wonder. When you do have an answer, flow with it. Don’t dismiss it or try to over-analyze it. Write the outcome of your reflection in your Insight Journal.

The Reflections Cues are designed to be used more than once, so don’t hesitate to revisit the same Cue again in the future.

A Creative Insight

What creative insight did I have this week and what can I learn from it?

Dead Time

How can I turn my dead-time into func, creative time?

Changing Filters

What affect do the filters I use when exploring a subject have?

The F Factor

How can I turn a failure into an opportunity?

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