a creative insight


Creative insight is any unexpected thought in any context that was not the result of a structured, logical thinking process. A creative insight almost always catches you by surprise, even if you were looking for one. It makes you pause and appreciate it as such. Often, a creative insight is accompanied by a smile.

Whether the insight proves to be feasible and valuable or not important. Of course, eventually, you will have to evaluate it. But the more creative insights you have, the stronger your Creativity Operating System becomes, even if nothing comes out of most of them.

Reflective questions

Think of creative insight you had in the past week in any context or domain.

  • What has sparked it?
  • Which Core Functions were involved in coming up with it?
  • How can I continue to evolve the insight?
  • How can I use apply this insight or parts of it to another domain or context?

Share your thoughts and insights

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