Dead Time


Taking time off from your primary activities — the activities that consume your creative energy — is an essential ingredient in your wellbeing. But taking time off does not mean turning it into dead-time.

You can turn your dead-time into playful, creative time, and thus turning it into an integral part of your self-development. When most of your time is dedicated to achieving external goals, letting your mind play just for the sake of playing is not only crucial for your wellbeing. It is a critical setup if you aim to utilize your creative potential.

reflective questions

  • What parts of the previous week were actually dead-times?
  • What can I do to turn at least some of them into playful time?
  • Can I use this dead-time to work on any Core Practices without connecting it to my primary tasks and things I must do?
  • When I manage to do the above, how does it make me feel in terms of engagement, creative energy, and wellbeing?

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