The F Factor


Failure is an inherent part of life, and especially when you lead a creative life. Creativity does not follow a recipe — there is no instruction book, and therefore the results are never guaranteed. When you make creative decisions, you take a risk by definition, so failure is a valid option.

Realizing failure is part of the game is essential. But embracing it and seeing the opportunities it embeds is a game-changer. Failures are not only an inherent part of growth. They can also be the seeds of potential breakthroughs.

reflective questions

Think of something you failed in during the past week. It could be a small task or a major challenge you faced.

  • How did I feel when I failed?
  • How did others react to the failure?
  • What have I done to recover from the failure?
  • What have I learned from the surprising outcome?
  • What opportunities are there in this allegedly undesired outcome?

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