Unplanned Detour


Taking Detours and Getting Lost creates the setup for unexpected things to happen and be discovered. These surprising ingredients are like rare spices that can turn a creative dish into a masterpiece.

You can plan detours, but whether you do or don’t, some unexpected things are bound to happen: detours are part of your life. When you are forced to take an unplanned detour, you can use it to Experience, Observe, and Wonder.

reflective questions

Think of something unexpected that happened in the past week that forced you to deviate from a predefined plan.

  • How did this unexpected detour make me feel?
  • Did I manage to see an opportunity in it? And if not, what has prevented me from treating it as such?
  • What did I Observe and notice during the detour?
  • What made me Wonder?
  • What new insights did I have thanks to this detour?
  • What would help me see more value in future unexpected detours?
  • How can I proactively take more detours?

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