the c.os model explorer

c.os core model version: 1.0.02.e04

core practices

c.os.experience.01Record and Reflect
c.os.experience.02Plan Deliberate Experiences
c.os.experience.03Develop Open-Ended Habits
c.os.experience.04Promote Accidental Experiences
c.os.experience.05Celebrate Anomalies
c.os.experience.06Take Detours — Get Lost

core practices

c.os.observe.01Reduce Masking Distractions
c.os.observe.02Don't Dismiss Anything
c.os.observe.03Slow Down
c.os.observe.04Zoom In — Zoom Out
c.os.observe.05Change Perspective
c.os.observe.06Play with Abstractions
c.os.observe.07Apply Different Filters
c.os.observe.08Explore Negative Spaces
c.os.observe.09Apply Holistic Observation

core practices

c.os.imagine.01Pause to Imagine
c.os.imagine.02Break the Boundaries of Reality
c.os.imagine.03Envision a Future Reality
c.os.imagine.04Embody Your Vision
c.os.imagine.05Imagine the Journey

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