the model

The Creativity Operating System (c.os) includes seven Core Functions we are all born with. They are part of the way our brain is programmed, and they are the reason practically all human beings are super creatives at a young age. Getting to know the Functions, practicing them daily, and making them an inherent part of your life, will help you create an optimal setup for creative insights to emerge and for you to realize your creative potential.

Each Core Function in the c.os model is accompanied by a set of Core Practices. The Practices are designed as Creativity-enabling habits. The more Practices you adopt and the greater the place they have in your life, the more impactful they become. As more Practices turn into habits, your Creativity Operating System becomes stronger.

The c.os model is not an instruction book — it is an open framework. Experimenting, finding out how to apply it in your life, and then evolving it even further are all essential parts of your creative journey.


let things leave a mark


notice, perceive, and register


marvel, ask, and question


form harmonies


reshape reality


value the game


create opportunities to grow

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