the Evolve function

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Evolve is a powerup function. While there could be instances of Creativity in which only Experience, Observe, Wonder, Fuse, and Imagine are active, the goal of Evolve is to increase the impact of Feedback Loops within the Creativity Operating System for long-term impact.

Creativity is inherently evolutionary. Everything is built upon previous creations. Any invention, artwork, scientific discovery, and abstract idea is a Fusion of existing ingredients. The beautiful thing about Creativity is that your Creativity Operating System and how you apply it also Evolve. Multiple reinforcing Feedback Loops are built into the creative setup, and when we proactively utilize them, they can boost Creativity by orders of magnitude.

Evolve enables never-ending growth. What you create triggers your next creation as well as the evolution of your Core Creativity Functions. Evolve is the function that helps you move forward in your creative journey.

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