Form Collective Feedback Loops



The internal Feedback Loops in your Creativity Operating System are extremely powerful in the impact they have on your creative setup. Imagine taking this amplifying effect even further by enabling multiple different minds to interact in one collaborative Operating System.

Collective Creativity is enabled when people apply the Core Creativity Functions together or share the outputs of each Function with the collective and leverage each other’s creative setup.

Collective Feedback Loops are built on bilateral interactions. Each member of the collective is a living part of the creative setup. You Experience, Observe, Wonder, Fuse, Imagine, and Play together. Even if each member of the collective has different goals and a different creative path, you take these journeys together. Everything blends into a joint creative setup — a creative ecosystem.

actionable steps

Be part of different circles of people with whom you can Experience, Observe, Wonder, Fuse, Imagine, and Play together.

Apply the Creativity Functions together in real-time. Alternatively, share your insights in a manner that others can leverage and use as if they were their own insights.

Find opportunities to form Feedback Loops where you continually contribute and being contributed — where the creative insights you come up with couldn’t have happened in any other way.


Example 1

Establish a community with people from diverse domains and backgrounds. Share insights, ideas, ingredients you collect, and challenges you face. Perform some joint exploration activities in which each of you can share their own unique experience, perspective, questions, and visions.

related practices

further exploration

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