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A Positive Feedback Loop is made of two or more behaviors or actions that reinforce one another. By definition, the impact of these behaviors is continually amplified. In the context of building a creative setup and leading a creative life, this means you can become more and more creative.

The Creativity Operating System is inherently designed with multiple, interconnected Feedback Loops between Core Functions and Core Practices. When you are aware of these amplifying, symbiotic connections between different parts of the system, you can proactively enhance and utilize them.

actionable steps

Identify the Feedback Loops between different Functions and Practices in your implementation of the c.os model.

Make space to utilize the momentum created by Feedback Loops. Don’t rush to celebrate and apply creative insights — continue the exploration derived from these insights, even if it includes some unexpected turns.

Reflect on the various Feedback Loops and how you utilize them. Consider how you can make them more impactful.


Example 1

Experience, Observe, and Wonder operate in a positive Feedback Loop. The more you Experience, the more prepared to Observe your mind is. The more you Observe, the stronger the sense of marvel is, and more questions could be asked. And the more you marvel at something and question it, the stronger the sense of Experience is, and you Observe even further.

Proactively utilizing this Feedback Loop means to proactively continue to iterate on this loop for some time. If you come across something interesting during a random walk, for example, stop and take some time to Wonder. Then, Observe it again, maybe from a Different Perspective, Zoom Level, or Using Abstraction.

Example 2

Imagine, Fuse, and Wonder form a positive Feedback Loop. When you Wonder, you are likely to start Imagining. While your Imagination is active, you Fuse different ingredients into the reshaped reality you are creating. This, in turn, can make you Wonder again, considering now the new reshaped reality.

To proactively utilize this loop, make some room for Wondering while you Pause to Imagine. Use the outcome of Wondering to feed your Imagination.

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