the experience function

let things leave a mark



Experience is one of the two input functions (see also Observe).

Any creative insight is based on pre-collected ingredients — raw materials that we use consciously or unconsciously. The more ingredients we have collected in our mind-pantry, the greater our chances of coming up with surprising creative insights.

The Experience function is designed to promote the collection of ingredients for future, still unknown, creations. When we proactively adopt an Experiencing Mindset, we become more positively alert, we sense more, and our brain registers better the things we perceive.

The essence of the Experience function is to let even the most trivial things leave an impression on us. In that sense, Experiencing sets the ground for its complementary function, Observe. Together, they are engaged in a reinforcing Feedback Loop: the more we Experience, the more we can Observe, and the more we Observe and later Wonder, the stronger our sense of experience is.

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