the fuse function

form harmonies



Any act of Creativity is based on Fusing previously captured ingredients, insights, and ideas. Sometimes the blend is visible, apparent, and hard to ignore. In other times, it is made of multiple layers of conscious and unconscious fusions that take years to form.

While Experience, Observe, and Wonder are responsible for the collection and processing of ingredients, Fuse is a generative function. Blending, mixing, and weaving ingredients together creates the spark that triggers creative insights — a spark that will soon turn into a vision of a reshaped reality.

To achieve that, Fuse always operates in conjunction with Imagine — you need to be able to see the Fusion in your mind before it is materialized. Fuse and Imagine are in a constant reinforcing Feedback Loop. The more you Imagine, the more ingredients you need. And the more you add ingredients and Fuse them, the more Imaginative your vision becomes.

What makes a Fusion effective, whether it is visible and straightforward or highly complex, is that the result is natural and harmonious — it has a life of its own.

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