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Fusions can be created naturally and unintentionally. That is part of their magic. But just like Creating Space for Fusions can increase the chances for unexpected connections, Adding Randomness often yields surprising, creative results.

Whether you add random external ingredients to play with or just go to a mindful walk and let what you Observe blend in with your thoughts, intentionally adding randomness to your creative setup sets your mind in a playful Fusing mode.

Randomness is like a catalyst for creative fusions.

actionable steps

No matter what activity you are engaged with, spice-it up with some randomness.

The randomized dimension can vary: the ingredients you consider, the location you are in, other preceding or following tasks, the tools you use during the activity, and even the people you share with the space you are in. Each such dimension adds unplanned inputs and interactions, some are conscious, and some are unconscious, to the mix.

Play with different dimensions and setups. There is no optimal one — the more you play, the more significant the impact on your creative setup.


Example 1

On several occasions, David Bowie described how he used to cut up pieces of poems, articles, and sentences from books, blend them together, and then randomly pick a few of them. The strange, sometimes impossible, connections between the pieces ignited his creativity (see: Further Exploration).

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