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Fuse starts with a creative spark that blends together unrelated ingredients and insights. Such a spark can rarely be planned — it can be ignited at any time and in any context. However, creating a fusion-promoting setup can increase the chances for these unexpected connections to be formed.

Fuse benefits from letting the things you Experience, Observe, and Wonder about sink in. More Fusions are likely to occur when you allow your mind to wander, reflect, and introspect while setting it free from any immediate, pressing issue to process.

When your mind is running forward, it has less chance of looking sideways for surprising connections.

actionable steps

Experiment with different setups and activities that allow your brain to Fuse more effectively.

Clear your mind and try not to think about anything concrete.

When something does find its way into your thoughts, don’t push it away — flow with it and see where it leads you.

Don’t try to direct your thoughts to a concrete destination. Let the Fusion evolve naturally in your mind. Play with it.

Use the Fusion as a spark that triggers a Reshaped Reality.


Example 1

Activities that create a disconnected setup where your mind is free from distractions or any concrete goal to pursue are often ideal setups for creative fusions to be formed. Some people find running to be a perfect setup, while others prefer standing in the shower under the running water. Eventually, the optimal setup is personal, and there’s no alternative to experimenting with different locations, activities, and times before you understand what works best for you.

related practices

further exploration

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