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Effective Fusions rely on a diversity of ingredients. The more diverse the available elements are, the more surprising and impactful the Fusion can be.

Many of the ingredients you will use are already available in your mind-pantry. But you can create setups that enable a higher degree of Fusions with an even greater potential — setups that promote the exposure to and the inclusion of additional diverse ingredients and creative insights.

When you Open Up Interfaces, you invite others to connect and influence your Fusions either explicitly or as a side effect. An Open Interface, whether it is physical, logical, or merely a mindset, is a portal through which others can come in and share ideas, insights, and ingredients.

The goal of an Open Interface goes beyond adding an inflow of random influences — it is to co-create with whoever it is on the other side of the interface.

actionable steps

Create multiple physical and logical setups that allow others to interact with you, collaborate, and share information, insights, and ideas.

Utilize the Open Interfaces you have created by continually reflecting on the interactions they enable and the inflow of ingredients and insights.

Consider how both you and whoever is on the other side of the interface could co-create. Leverage both your ideas and creations.

Play with opportunities for Fusions that come through the Open Interfaces.


Example 1

Defining an open interface for a product so others can extend it or build upon it is not only a commercial practice. Making your product open creates a perfect setup for Fusions, both for you and for your clients.

Example 2

Sharing ideas with a diverse group of people from different backgrounds and disciplines and with different mindsets and experiences creates a high potential for surprising Fusions that you are less likely to develop alone.

Example 3

Sharing a space with people from other teams or companies creates an unstructured opportunity for surprising interactions and Fusions. A random discussion or a joint break can spark unexpected ideas to explore.

related practices

further exploration

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