the imagine function

reshape reality



Imagine is a generative function — together with Fuse, it is the engine that generates creative insights and ideas based on what we Experience, Observe, and Wonder about.

To Imagine is to create a different, reshaped reality in your mind. It is always based on the ingredients you have collected, consciously or unconsciously.

To be able to reshape reality, you should first acknowledge the possibility of a new reality. Without this realization, which precedes having a concrete vision, your mind won’t be able to shape an alternate reality.

The next step of Imagining is to envision a possible new reality — to see it clearly in your mind as if it is real, even if you don’t yet know how to bring it into existence. Imagining is a mental creation.

And finally, Imagining not only a destination but also the path you should take to get there is essential to bringing ideas to life and affect reality.

Only when you see a different reality in your mind, whether the delta is modest or groundbreaking, you begin to realize your creative potential. Without a clear picture of an alternate reality, there is no creation, and to form that picture, you have to manipulate reality in your mind — you have to Imagine.

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