Break the Boundaries of Reality



To Imagine is to reshape reality. It is an essential part of any creation, from the most minor change in how you do something to having a life-changing vision. The great thing about Imagination, though, is that it is limitless. While you can Imagine an alternate yet feasible reality, you can also create a pure fantasy world breaking any known axiom.

Breaking the Boundaries of Reality means taking Imagination to the extreme: to create a fantastical landscape to play in. While this practice seems to be designed for pure playful fun, it can spice-up any creative setup, as it frees you from axioms that might limit you.

actionable steps

Whether it is just for fun or in the context of a concrete goal, fantasize and create an imaginary landscape to play in — one that breaks the physical reality laws.

Break any aspect of reality you wish and don’t limit yourself. Let your imagination go wild. See the world you create vividly and explore it.

Bring real-world ingredients or challenges into your fantasy world. Explore how your alternate reality affects them.


Example 1

Wherever you are, pause and observe the scenery around you. Use a random trigger to Imagine a radical new version of what you Observe. See it vividly as if you are physically in this fantasy world.

Example 2

When you think about a challenge, Imagine it in a radically different setup — an impossible setup, ignoring any axiom applicable to your challenge. Imagine what you would do in that imaginary context. Even if no feasible idea results from this exercise, it will open up your mind to new directions and possibilities you were unaware of before.

further exploration

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