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No matter how vividly you Imagine a reshaped reality, it is highly volatile as long as it remains in your mind. If you wish to begin realizing the vision, you should express it tangibly even before knowing your next step.

However you choose to do it, when you bring your vision back to the physical world (as opposed to achieving it), you take the first essential step in its realization. It can be nothing more than a sketch, a model, or a short text, but this expression of what you envision enables you to embody it. It allows you to connect to it, refine it, evolve it, share it with others, and make it present in your life.

When you give a place, even if just a physical space, to your vision in your life, you allow it to grow. Any interaction you will have with it can change and reshape it. Your vision can drift away from what you have initially imagined, or it might just get refined. Any such iteration is the result of Imagining again. In that sense, Embodying a Future Reality is nothing more than a setup that enables its continuous reshaping.

actionable steps

When you have a vision of a future reality you wish to pursue, capture it in a tangible way. Whether it is a sketch, a textual description, a fictional story, or any other form, materialize your vision into something you can see, share, and evolve.

Make your manifestation of the vision accessible to you and others, so you will be able not just to revisit it intentionally but also to come across it “accidentally” as much as possible.

Live your vision. Get connected to it. Talk about your idea, grow it, and nurture it. Let your vision evolve — it can change its shape numerous times, just like a living being.


Example 1

Capture a vision as an abstract drawing and place it where you can see it as much as possible. Don’t just watch it passively. You can add layers to it, refine it, or erase some parts and redraw them. Make it a living manifestation of your vision even before you start to implement it and later throughout the journey.

further exploration

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