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Imagine is a processing function. Envisioning a reshaped reality, like any form of processing and creating, requires energy and bandwidth. Even though your Imagination is continuously active in the background, meaningful mental-creations require active, intentional exploration. You need to be able to vividly see the imaginary playground you envision, walk around, Experience it, Observe it, and get full of Wonder.

To do that, you must first pause. It is impossible to fully Experience an imaginary reality without taking a break from the one surrounding you.

Pausing to Imagine can start as an intentional mental exercise for enhancing your Imagine function. But whether it is just for practice or in the context of a real challenge or opportunity you face, creating an effective, supportive setup can help you take a more meaningful trip to your reshaped reality.

actionable steps

Create opportunities to pause and imagine. It doesn’t matter if you are doing so just for practice and fun, in the context of a goal you are pursuing, or to evolve a Fusion you have thought of.

Create a quiet, distraction-less setup where you can immerse yourself in your imaginary playground and explore the reshaped reality you are creating.

Capture meaningful insights from your imaginative journey.


Example 1

When reading a book or watching a movie, pause and imagine the rest of the plot or the next scene. When exploring an artwork, imagine the story it tries to tell or the background story behind it.

Don’t try to “get it right.” Let your imagination lead the way and own the story. Envision one possible option, even if it is farfetched.

Example 2

Before an important meeting, Imagine the discussion, different people’s reactions, and the outcome. This is not an exercise in positive thinking or trying to be more prepared for the meeting, but rather an opportunity to imagine one possible reality (or pure fantasy) and warm-up your Imagination.

Example 3

At the beginning of the day, take a few minutes, close your eyes, and imagine the day ahead. Don’t try to recall your agenda. Create an imaginary day in your mind instead.

further exploration

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