the observe function

notice, perceive, and register



Observe is the second input function (see also Experience).

Any creative insight is based on pre-collected ingredients — raw materials that we use consciously or unconsciously. The more ingredients we have collected in our mind-pantry, the greater our chances of coming up with surprising creative insights.

To Observe is to notice or perceive something and register it as being significant. It requires attention, mindfulness, and overcoming our tendency as adults to apply our pre-programmed mental model to the things we come across. To make the most of Observation we have to watch the world like children do: as if for the first time. An Experiencing mindset enhances our ability to Observe, and vice versa.

The key to enhancing the Observe function is intentional attention. When we tune into something, we notice more. The more we expand our attention, the smaller our blind-spot becomes.

Observe relies on all senses. Each sense uncovers a new layer of the world around us and with it new ingredients (even new types of ingredients) for future creations.

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