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Most Observation Axes place by default the observed subject in focus. When you Observe something mindfully, the rest of the world might be pushed to the periphery by default. However, these peripheral areas and interfaces might shed a completely different light on the observed subject. Sometimes, they become standalone ingredients that can inspire surprising creative insights.

When you Apply Holistic Observation, you focus on how the observed subject interacts with the world and vice versa. A Holistic Perspective goes beyond the traits of the subject you Observe. It highlights peripheral aspects from direct interactions with the subject to thoughts, moods, and associations it triggers.

actionable steps

Explore what you Observe from a Holistic Perspective: how it fits in the grander scheme of things and what interactions, actions, behaviors, feelings, and thoughts it triggers.

Consider how others react to the subject you Observe, how they interact with it, what atmosphere it creates, and even what associations it triggers. Consider how people from different backgrounds and with different experiences react to the observed subject.

Notice how you react to it and what feelings, associations, and thoughts it triggers in your brain.


Example 1

When you Observe an artwork, be mindful of how you and other people react to it. Consider the physical reaction, the mood the artwork sets, and the thoughts people have when interacting with it.

Example 2

When facing a challenge, consider how you react to it and how other people do. Don’t focus necessarily on potential solutions others might develop (not as part of this practice, at least), but instead on their intuitive reaction or how they approach the challenge.

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