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Physically changing perspective means walking around the observed subject or turn it around — you have to look at it from a different angle. Observing is a spatial activity.

While we usually use the term “Changing Perspective” figuratively, there is a strong connection between how we physically see something and how we perceive it mentally.

Changing Perspective physically and metaphorically helps your brain break the mental model it uses by default. By proactively Observing something from a different angle, you re-program your brain to avoid the automatic interpretation it attaches to the observed subject.

actionable steps

No matter what you observe, explore it from different physical and mental angles. Notice new traits and various associations. Consider their impact on how you perceive the observed subject as a whole.

Apply this practice both to physical subjects and scenes and conceptual ones. You can Change Perspective, even physically, also when it comes to ideas and abstract concepts.

Don’t get hooked on one perspective, even if you find it useful. Continue to revisit different perspectives.


Example 1

Pick a familiar object and examine it from different physical perspectives. Try to find an unorthodox, unique perspective and notice how it affects the item and how you perceive it.

Example 2

During direct or indirect interaction with someone else, Observe the interplay from their perspective. If you can change your physical setup to literally change your perspective – do it. Try to genuinely see the interaction from the perspective of your partner.

related practices

further exploration

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