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When you rush through places and events, you notice less. Your brain’s attention bandwidth is limited, and you cannot absorb more external stimuli if you don’t slow down and allow your mind to take it in.

When you intentionally slow down mentally and physically, your brain is rewarded by being surprised and perceiving things it didn’t expect to discover. This reward, in turn, lures your brain to Observe even more.

Proactively Slowing Down cannot happen in one day. However, there is nothing more to it than being mindful and taking the first (slow) step.

actionable steps

Plan to Slow Down by leaving enough space in your schedule or plans to go slower from one place to another or from one task to another.

Plan to Slow Down some of the things you do. Consider the time it will take to perform these action without rushing through them.

Leave some time in your schedule with no concrete goal, and use this time to look around you and engage in aimless wandering and creative exploration.


Example 1

Leave idle time between significant tasks. Apart from an excellent opportunity to Observe, your brain will get a chance to recharge and become exposed to unexpected stimuli, which can promote surprising Fusions.

further exploration

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