the c.os model for organizations

When Creativity is practiced by any collective of people, it can quickly become more than just the sum of Creativity of the individuals. An organization that wisely creates the setup for collective Creativity — a more extensive shared Creativity Operating System — benefits from more profound creative insights and more creative breakthroughs.

The Org Domain-Level Practices are designed to bring the c.os model to the organizational realm. You can apply them at any level and scope of the organization. You can implement the practices at the team level or create a cross-organizational setup where people from different teams utilize the practices together.

Don’t assume only teams with a specific profile or only employees of a certain level can use the Org Domain-Level Practices. The opposite is true: any person in any group at any level is part of the creative organizational ecosystem, and their contribution can be invaluable.

The Domain-Level Practices are less abstract than the Core Practices in the c.os model. However, they are still open to interpretation and experimentation. Play with them and develop different applications — each utilizing one or more practices. Reflect on the effectiveness of your applications, and gradually refine them and turn them into seamless organizational habits.

The more practices you adopt, the better your creative organizational setup is.

This Domain-Level Guide is not designed to replace the Core Model — it is built on top of it. Explore the Core Functions and Practices first, understand them, and consider how they can help you and your team lead a more creative organization. Use the Domain-Level Guide as a starting point for implementing concrete practices in your organization, but continually revisit the Core Model. Experiment with new ways to implement it, utilize The Creativity Operating System, and turn it into an integral part of your organizational culture.

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let things leave a mark


notice, perceive, and register


marvel, ask, and question

fuse (in progress)

form harmonies

imagine (coming soon)

reshape reality

play (coming soon)

value the game

evolve (coming soon)

create opportunities to grow

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