the experience function for organizations

let things leave a mark

This Domain-Level Guide is designed to be used based on the Core Model. Please refer to the Experience Core Function before exploring this guide.


Experience is naturally perceived as an individual function. Our Experiences are subjective, even if we seem to undergo them together. While this nature of Experience might seem like a pitfall when you think about the organizational context, it actually multiplies the impact of the Experience function, turning it into a collective resource.

When you aim to master the Experience function in an organizational context, you need to utilize the individual Experiences and turn them into a collective source of inspiration. With the proper organizational setup and a pro-sharing mindset, the Experiences of each team member (as well as their Observations) can be used to form a Collective Mind Pantry that will help the team come up with future Fusions.

But Experience at the organizational level is more than the aggregation of individual Experiences. You can create a setup that promotes Shared Experiences. Apart from expanding the Collective Mind-Pantry and as a result Creativity, Shared Experiences increase engagement and motivation. They strengthen the sense of belonging to a collective.

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