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This Domain-Level Guide is designed to be used based on the Core Model. Please refer to the Plan Deliberate Experiences Core Practice before exploring this guide.


When Deliberate Experiences are turned into Collective Experiences, they are amplified. As each team member Experiences them differently, a single Experience can quickly turn into a playground for multiple insights, each with a different perspective and a unique potential value.

Apart from being a great way to boost creativity Collective Experiences build stronger, more engaged teams. Experiencing things together creates long-lasting connections that will positively affect any future challenge the team will face.


Plan Collective Experiences

Like any Deliberate Experience, Collective Experiences should be planned. Some of them might be time-consuming, while others are more casual. But in most cases, planning is required to promote them and make them happen. Make room for Collective Experiences and turn them into a way for the team to invest in enriching the Collective Mind-Pantry.

  • Turn Collective Experience into a habit.
  • Don’t wait for a special opportunity or a one-time event. A team that shares frequent Collective Experiences will also work better together on their mainstream tasks and projects.
Make Collective Experiences Surprising and Diverse

While anything can be an Experience, when your mind is surprised and does something new, the sense of Experience is stronger, and its impact lasts longer. That is why Experience should be diverse and go beyond the ordinary (although this does not mean they have to be grand or extreme).

  • Make sure Collective Experiences are diverse and surprising.
  • Aim for Experiences which most of the team are not used to.


Example 1

Create a routine in which team members take turns in planning and leading Deliberate Experiences for the team to go through together. You can dedicate for that one hour just before the work-week starts, for example.

The Experiences don’t have to be grand or complex. They should be focused on things most team members don’t usually do. Coming up with ideas for Deliberate Experiences can easily become a creative task by itself.

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