Promote Accidental Experiences

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This Domain-Level Guide is designed to be used based on the Core Model. Please refer to the Promote Accidental Experiences Core Practice before exploring this guide.


Accidental Experiences, by definition, are not planned. That is their beauty and the reason they have such an impact on us. But while they are not designed per se, you can create the setup that promotes them.

In an organizational context, there are many opportunities for turning “dead-time” (or repetitive and less-creative tasks) into a playground for Accidental Experiences. When you manage to turn these Experiences into Collective Experiences shared by two or more people, their impact is significantly amplified.


Create a Setup for Accidental Experiences

Accidental Experiences are obviously not planned, but you can create a setup that will help these Experiences emerge. By doing so, you will not just increase the chances of Accidental Experiences to occur. You will also send a message that highlights their importance and inspires your team to create additional Experiences by themselves.

  • Use shared spaces, times, and activities to create opportunities for Accidental Experiences.
  • Broaden the scope of such Experiences as much as possible. Don’t confine them to a single team or an organic group.
  • Use Accidental Experiences as opportunities to break organizational boundaries and create interactions that are otherwise less likely to happen.
  • Capture insights from Accidental Experiences in the Collective Mind-Pantry.


Example 1

Create a setup that encourages people to have lunch with a random partner. Apart from being a potential Accidental Experience, this is an excellent way to Open-Up Interfaces and set the ground for surprising Fusions.

Example 2

Set predefined times for collective breaks and encourage people to spend them in public areas. This will promote accidental encounters and, with them, new Experiences.

Example 3

Share random Wikipedia entries in public places. The accidental encounter with random bits of knowledge might trigger surprising insights in the context of concrete tasks and projects. But even if it doesn’t, it creates an Experience that leaves a mark and results in insights that your team can use in the future.

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