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This Domain-Level Guide is designed to be used based on the Core Model. Please refer to the Create Space for Fusions Core Practice before exploring this guide.


Like other Creativity functions that require space or a slower pace, to utilize Fuse in the organizational context, you will likely need some planning. Creating a setup that promotes Fusions means, first and foremost, to allow revisiting of ingredients you and your team have collected and to follow up on spontaneous Fusions to enable them to evolve.

Creating physical, mental, and scheduled spaces for Fusions to occur and be followed is an investment, as these spaces will soon become where creative ideas are born.


Revisit Your Collective Mind-Pantry

Your Collective Mind-Pantry includes numerous ingredients — ingredients from wish you and your team can make surprising creative ideas. While Experience, Observe, and Wonder are aimed at collecting input and processing it one item at a time, Fuse is where creative ideas are born.

While Fusions can be spontaneous, intentionally exploring the Collective Mind-Pantry creates an intentional opportunity for Fusions to be generated.

  • Revisit the insight in your Collective Mind-Pantry.
  • Explore their connection to the challenges you have or the things you are doing.
  • Try to create such connections where you don’t think they are possible.
Explore Fusions as You Encounter Them

While we can create a setup that promotes Fusions, we cannot control when they occur. Fusions are often spontaneous. To realize their potential, you have to take these sparks and explore the possibilities they reveal, even when this pushes you away temporarily from your predefined plan.

Being open to changing the plan and sometimes even your interim targets is essential if you wish to make real space for Fusions.

  • Leave room in your plan to explore unexpected influences triggered by Fusions.
  • Be open to change the plan and pursue some of the opportunities these Fusions open.
Use Fusions to Tigger Two Feedback Loops

Fuse can be the conjunction point between two Feedback Loops in The Creativity Operating System.

Any Fusion can act as a trigger to Imagine a reshaped reality. If the Fusion is the spark, the Imagine function is designed to take it further and envision a new reality around it. At the same time, a Fusion can also trigger additional Wondering, Observation, and Experiencing.

When you continually move between these two Feedback Loops, you will make the most of the ingredients you collect and your insights.

  • Let the things you Fuse affect what you Experience, Observe, and Wonder next.
  • Allow the things you Fuse to evolve into Imaginary visions of a reshaped reality.


Example 1

When you and your team face a challenge that calls for a creative idea, revisit your Collective Mind-Pantry. Don’t look for anything in particular. Just keep the challenge in mind, and explore the insights collected in your shared repository.

When something spontaneously connects, write it down with a brief statement on how it can help you address the challenge. Don’t consider the feasibility or the effectiveness of the idea, but rather continue your exploration.

Once you have collected a few ideas based on such semi-random fusions, allow them to evolve, use them as triggers for envisioning the solution, and then analyze their feasibility to pick the best one.

Example 2

Take the time to explore random Fusions the team members come up with. Make this space an inherent part of your routine. Apart from sending a message about the importance and potential of such Fusions, this time will help you make the most of them and realize their potential.

You can, for example, dedicate a weekly hour to discuss crazy ideas based on Fusions collected during the week and explore the possibilities they open.

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