the observe function for organizations

notice, perceive, and register

This Domain-Level Guide is designed to be used based on the Core Model. Please refer to the Observe Core Function before exploring this guide.


The raw material for creative insights is everywhere. The more diverse the ingredients are, the more effective the creative Fusions can become.

The aggregation of Observations and insights of all team members, regardless of where they have originated, makes the Collective Mind-Pantry a valuable and rich source of inspiration. As each team member sees different things and sees each subject differently, the Collective Mind-Pantry is diverse and surprising by definition.

The organization itself and any activity performed in its context embed numerous opportunities to Observe — things that are easy to miss if you just keep your eyes on the next target. An essential part of being a creative team is to adopt a collector’s mindset: to always look for observations and insights, whether they serve an immediate goal or not.

Applying different Observation Aspects to anything you do or come across is a fundamental step toward creating surprising Fusions and Imaginative ideas.

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