the wonder function for organizations

marvel, ask, and question

This Domain-Level Guide is designed to be used based on the Core Model. Please refer to the Wonder Core Function before exploring this guide.


A wonder-full organization is an organization that actively encourages asking questions as much as it strives to get and provide answers. In a goal-oriented environment, genuinely making space for not being sure, feeling doubt, and never taking anything for granted is not trivial. But with each question asked and each assumption being challenged, a new set of possibilities is being created — opportunities that do not exist on a path paved with exclamations marks.

When nothing is taken for granted, people appreciate more what they Experience and Observe. They marvel at it. Apart from being a crucial element of Creativity, the more you Wonder, the more connected you become to what you Observe and what you do. The organization becomes a playground full of surprises and awe. It becomes your playground.

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