the Play function

value the game


Play is a powerup function. While there could be instances of Creativity in which only Experience, Observe, Wonder, Fuse, and Imagine are active, the goal of Play is to maximize the utilization of all five and elevate the creative setup to a new level. When we Play, we Experience, Observe, Wonder, Fuse, and Imagine more and to a higher degree.

Play is often mistakenly perceived as the opposite of serious, goal-oriented actions. Therefore, it is either absent from the lives of many or confined to limited times and spaces. To make the most of The Creativity Operating System, you need to embody Play in everything you do. A playful mindset can turn any activity into a creative playground and set the ground for creative insights to emerge. The accumulated impact of Play is a key to leading a creative life.

Play is a catalyst for meaningful, creative work. Like Creativity itself, Play can affect everything you do.

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