the wonder function

marvel, ask, and question



Wonder provides the first layer of creative processing. It uses the ingredients you collect and enables you to start playing with them. The goal of Wonder is not to generate creative insights or answers. Wonder is designed to open a gateway to a universe of possibilities and opportunities.

To Wonder is first to marvel — to connect to and truly awe what you Observe. The things we marvel leave a stronger, long-lasting impression on us, and they are more likely to be used in future creations.

Wonder also means to question and challenge what you Observe. When you think in questions instead of definitive answers, you create opportunities — you create potential. Other functions use this playground you create to shape concrete ideas in. Without opening the door of possibility, there is no room for creative ideas.

To Wonder is to challenge assumptions and common wisdom. Creative breakthroughs are almost always derived from breaking false boundaries someone else has set. Breaking boundaries starts with challenging their validity.

If the ingredients you collect are the fuel of Creativity, Wonder is the combustion creating creative energy to be used by Imagine and Fuse.

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