Feel Doubt — Welcome Ambiguity



Creativity and certainty rarely go together. We tend to perceive doubt, ambiguity, and change of opinions as negative traits. In the context of Creativity, however, they are all promoting flexibility and growth.

An integral part of Wonder is being uncertain. When you Welcome Ambiguity your mental model of the world is more flexible and adaptable, which is essential for generating creative insights.

The more you are open to different opinions and to the possibility of changing your mind, the more opportunities you have to Experience, Observe, and Fuse.

actionable steps

Consider different interpretations of any situation, challenge, and dilemma you face. Look for different interpretations proactively.

Actively try to consider different perspectives and see things as others would. Invite others to influence you.

Suspend judgment. Keep different options genuinely open. Keep them open even after a decision has to be made. Leave room for yourself to change your opinion.

Create frequent opportunities to re-evaluate different options, including new ones and ones you decided not to adopt before.


Example 1

Think of an issue you have a strong opinion on. Invite others to influence you. Listen to them without trying to convince them. Try to genuinely see the issue from their point of view and consider the value in that.

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