Think in Questions



All creative breakthroughs are the result of questions. Without questions, there is no genuine search for better answers. Asking drives us forward. Without it, we will forever stand in one place.

When you ask a question, your brain becomes open to possibilities. Thinking in Questions creates the necessary setup for Imagination to play and generate opportunities. When you Think in Questions in your internal monologue and any interaction you have, you become more open to surprising answers.

The best questions might not have good answers just yet.

actionable steps

Turn statements, observations, and insights into authentic questions.

Favor open-ended questions: questions that make your Wonder and Imagine.

Don’t settle for one layer of questions — continue to Wonder and come up with additional, derived questions.

Enjoy the questions and the possibilities they open.


Example 1

When engaged in a conversation, personal or professional, use more questions than statements. Ask them genuinely and be open to any answer you might receive.

Example 2

When you Observe something you tend to take for granted, pause and ask deliberate questions. Don’t rush looking for answers. Even if done artificially at first, the simple act of asking questions will fill you with Wonder and can easily lead to surprising discoveries, turning whatever it is you Observe into anything but trivial.

further exploration

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