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Mastering your Creativity is a journey. The Creativity Operating System model is not a destination — it is your companion and guide throughout the journey.

To help you in the process of turning Creativity into an inherent part of your life, we have created a set of tools to help you in this journey. From helping you navigate and use the model to introducing more playfulness and chances to be creative, this toolbox brings the c.os model to life and makes it an integral part of yours.


Your ultimate Creativity Super Tool with endless playful activities and playsets that will put your Creativity Operating System into action.

Whether you aim to master your creative skills, develop creative habits, or apply your creativity in ideation, problem-solving, and learning activities — seempli is your ultimate toolbox.

daily creativity cue card

Starting your journey? Use these simple daily activities to start building creative habits.

A simple, fun way to start stretching your creative muscles before going deeper into the c.os model.

model explorer

The complete list of Core Functions and Practices, bundled with the respective domain-level guides.

The easiest way to find your way around the c.os model, or just pick a random practice to work on.

the path

Like any habit, the Core Creativity Practices are not binary. Adopting each of them is a journey by itself.

The Path tool defines a simple framework for adopting the Core Practices until each of them becomes a natural part of your life.

journey planning board

The c.os mode includes dozens of creative practices and habits. The journey planning tool is your perfect companion in tracking where you are in your journey and where you are heading next.

Use the journey planning tool also to analyze various creative activities along the way and how to make them even better.

reflection cues

Any self-development journey is based on continuous reflection and improvement.

The reflection cues are sets of questions for individual and group introspection based on the c.os model Core Functions and Practices.

more tools coming soon

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