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The Creativity Operating System includes dozens of practices that will help you lead a creative life. Mastering these practices and your Creativity is a journey, and like any journey, it might be overwhelming at first. To help you plan your journey, understand where you are, and decide what your next step should be, we have created the Journey Planning Tool.

Use the Journey Planning Tool at least once a week to reflect on what you have achieved in the past week and pick the Core Practices you wish to work on in the upcoming week. The Journey Planning Tool is also a great companion for retrospectives on creative activities you have done, from brainstorming and ideations sessions to creating an artwork. Use it to analyze which practices were put to use and how you can utilize The Creativity Operating System even better next time.

The Journey Planning Tool was designed as a Miro Board, making it perfect for collaborative work. To use its full functionality, you will need to create a free Miro account (unless you already have one) and duplicate the template for your use. Alternatively, you can download a PDF version of the board.

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