the path to creating creative habits

from experimenting to evolving

The c.os model includes seven Core Creativity Functions and dozens of Core Practices. With each Practice you adopt and turn into a habit, you get closer to leading a creative life. Naturally, integrating each Practice seamlessly in your life can take some time.

Your journey is personal, but this is the path we propose for gradually mastering your Creativity Operating System.

getting started

bird’s-eye view

Read the entire c.os model including the Core Functions, Core Practices, and relevant Domain-Level Practices (coming soon).

Don’t try to compare what you currently do with the Practices — just get familiar with them, even if you don’t understand how to apply each of them in your life.

If you wish to get a deeper understanding of the model, read The Creativity Operating System book.

cultivating creative habits

The path from understanding a Practice to making it an integral part of your life includes five stages. We recommend choosing one or two Practices and following these stages. Whenever you are ready, even before you have reached the highest stage, you can pick additional Practices and start adopting them in parallel. The Feedback Loops between the Practices will benefit from this approach.

You can choose the Practices in any order. The Creativity Operating System does not define a structured process with ordered steps.

in lab conditions

Read the Practice and reflect on what it means to you, how you interpret it, and how you can apply it.

Try implementing the Practice in ideal conditions a few times, when you have enough time and energy, and you are free of distractions.

Use this experimentation for reflection and refining your interpretation of the Practice.

hello world

Apply the Practice more frequently and in real-world context.

Reflect and learn what works best for you and how to personalize the Practice based on your needs and preferences.

naturally applied

Embed the Practice as part of your agenda, activities, and projects.

Continually evaluate the positive impact it has on your Creativity as well as on your goals.

seamlessly integrated

Continue to apply the Practice and refine it until it becomes a seamless part of your life.


Make the Practice your own using continuous evolution.

Reflect on your journey and consider new derived Practices. Evolution is not a destination. It is an ongoing phase that is never finalized.

Leading a creative life means never stop evolving.

ongoing reflection

Reflection is an important part of every evolution process. In addition to the activities dedicated to each phase in adopting the Core Practices, we highly recommend practicing ongoing reflection. You can reflect on your journey alone or with a Collective. The Reflection Cues can help you with topics and questions that will drive your journey forward.


Dedicate at least 30 minutes to reflection at least once a week.

Find a place without distractions and reflect on your journey. You can either use the Reflection Cues as a guide, or any other reflection method as long as you use your experience from the past week to generate future-looking insights.

Use your Insight Journal to record your thoughts and insights.

We’ve created a Journey Planning Tool to help you manage your creative journey.
Give it a try and use it at least once a week.

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