the workshop

ignite your creative journey — unleash personal and collective Creativity

From a 2-hour introduction to The Creativity Operating System to an in-depth, 12-hour workshop customized to your organizational goals, our workshops will inspire you to realize your creative potential


Learn and develop the core skills that make us creative and how to unleash their power and apply them to any domain.

igniting creativity

A unique combination of a model, practices, and tools that anyone can apply today for a life-changing impact.

better together

A collaborative journey that enhances team building and creates surprising connections between people.

100% fun

Creativity is intelligence having fun. Throughout the workshop, we play and experiment together. Is there a better way to develop new skills?

your goals built-in

The content of the workshop can be customized to match your organizational goals.

amazing value

12 full hours (8 sessions) of group workshop for up to 20 people, plus ongoing chat discussions between sessions, and one-year free access to the seempli Platform.

Our workshops are provided worldwide and are fully remote for total flexibility. Wherever your team members are located, they can ignite their creativity with The Creativity Operating System workshop.

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